Product line for machining aluminium, light weight alloys and non-ferrous metals.
High quality tools for best performance in all types of industrial machining.

SAW BLADES FOR Cutting centres and cut-off sawing machine

Our HW (Tungsten Carbide Tipped) circular saw blades are perfect for industrial cutting of aluminium profiles, extrusions, bundles, pipes and non-ferrous metal sheets. Klein® circular saw blades are cut by laser machine for maximum precision. All our saw blades are produced with special expansion cuts filled with sound-absorbing resin to reduce vibration and ensure a perfect cut. Both positive and negative tooth blades are available from stock, with diameters ranging from 200 to 800 mm, to meet the needs of every customer, from the small window and doors producer to the large industrial manufacturer.


We have gathered in this section all the items for CNC machining centres. All our customers need when buying a new CNC machining centre is to get the best out of it, that’s why we offer a full range of HSS and solid carbide cutters for every need. Klein® tool holders ensure perfect clamping of the cutter in the collet, guaranteeing excellent performance and vibration-free operation.

We have developed a special line of ultra-precise collets (concentricity within 5 micron) for superior performance.


Tools for manual copy router, drilling and cutting machines for machining aluminium profiles. Double-diameter milling cutters for the assembly of strips and crossbars. Alternate tooth circular milling cutters and cutter sets with arbors for end milling machines machining aluminium and non-ferrous metals are also produced according to customer drawings.

ALUKLEIN products

KLEIN products for machining aluminium, light weight alloys and non-ferrous metals

SISTEMI has developed and produced over the years a complete line of tools for the industrial processing of aluminium and non-ferrous metals. Roughing cutters with chip breaker, cutter sets for making profiles, single flute router bits and two flute router bits for the best finish and to ensure maximum cutting quality.

industrial saw blades

Klein XtraCut


Balanced chucks and ultra precise collets

DLC coated router bits

lifetime up to 4x times longer

router bits and drills

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