advanced materials

Tools for machining advanced materials that meet the most demanding quality standards in the industrial processing of thermoplastic and composite materials, fibreglass, hard plastics, plexiglass.

SAW BLADES FOR Cutting centres, sizing machines and cut-off machines

We have developed a wide range of saw blades for machining advanced materials. Specific saw blades for all types of materials: Plexiglas, Corian®, Alucobond®, Dibond®, plasterboard, Eternit®, fibre cement, thermoplastics… 
Klein® blades are subject to continuous research and ensure excellent cutting quality even in the most difficult situations, guaranteeing maximum reliability.


Working advanced materials is mainly focused on CNC machining centres. We have therefore specialised in offering our customers different solutions to carry out the routing and drilling operations of technological materials in the best possible way, while maintaining the precision and quality that sets us apart. 

We have developed a complete line of ultra-precise collets (concentricity within 0.005 mm) and balanced tool holders for high performance (up to 40,000 rpm).


If you need to process advanced materials with hand portable router machines or manual cut-off machines, in this section we have collected the whole line of cutters, saw blades and accessories for manual processing of these materials.

aluklein PRODUCTS

klein TOOLING for machining advanced materials

Advanced materials have become an important component used in various industrial segments. SISTEMI Klein® has developed numerous high-performance tools and solutions to meet the most demanding standards required by the market.


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tool holders and spring collets

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